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Burton Genie 142 (2017)

De Burton Genie is hét snowboard om op te leren snowboarden. Je kunt er vanaf dag 1 plezier mee hebben, dankzij de makkelijk kantenwissel, de vergevingsgezinde opbouw en soepele flex. Let op, je rijdt dit snowboard 4 a 5 cm korter dan de meeste andere boards!
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    • 9009520258596
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    No, a genie won’t pop out and teach you how to ride, but this board is built to grant you one...meer
    Productinformatie "Burton Genie 142 (2017)"

    No, a genie won’t pop out and teach you how to ride, but this board is built to grant you one wish: to cruise the hill with confidence. Hands down the easiest board out there, the Burton Genie is perfect for aspiring riders looking to build a foundation before moving on to a more performance-oriented deck like the Feather. Like stepping on a magic carpet, the Genie silences your fears, magically teaching balance and board control from the first time you strap in. Easy Bevel combines a soft, mellow flex with a convex base for a virtually-catch free riding experience, while Flat Top and a true twin shape provide a stable platform that's effortlessly maneuverable no matter which way you point it. The Channel™ mounting system gives you the easiest, most adjustable setup with any binding out there (not just Burton’s).

    BEND: Flat Top™ with Easy Bevel
    SHAPE: Twin
    FLEX: Twin
    CORE: FSC™ Certified Fly® 900G Core and Squeezebox Low
    BASE: Extruded
    FEATURES: The Channel™ and Easy Bevel Edge Tune
    EXTRAS: We recommend riders downsize 4-5cm from the board size they normally ride.

    Artikelnummer: 9009520258596
    Geslacht: Vrouw
    Snowboard shape: Flat Top
    Snowboard maat: 142
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