With every non-discounted purchase in the store or on you're collecting bonus points. For every Euro you spend on products that are not yet discounted, you get 1 point. 20 points can be exchanged for a 1 Euro discount. In other words, you save 5% of your order as a discount on your next order.

Collecting bonus points
Bonus points can only be collected if you've created an account on or in the store. They will then be automatically added to or removed from your account. With every product you can see how many bonus points you will collect, and in your account you can find how many points you've collected in total with previous orders. Even when you buy stuff in the store you save up your bonus points!

Please note! Only products that are not  yet discounted will qualify you to collect bonuspoints.

Redeem bonus points
Do you want to redeem your bonus points? You can do this by logging in and go to your shopping cart. At the bottom of your list of products you will find a slider with which you can redeem the points.

Are you in the store? Ask if you still have points and then you can immediately exchange them for a discount on the spot.

You can exchange bonus points for a discount up to 50% of the original sales price. If an article has already been discounted by 20%, you can increase the discount with bonus points up to a total discount of 50%. If an item has already been discounted by 50% or more, you can no longer exchange bonus points.

Looking for your bonus points?
Go to the bonus points overview in your account. Are you in the store? Please ask us if you have any points left, and we will check it immediately.

Do you have any questions about our bonus points? Feel free to contact us!