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Airhole Balaclava Hinge Polar

Airhole, oftewel de bazen van gezichts verwarming. Deze bazen zijn al sinds 2006 in het vak en blijven ons verrassen met hun producten.
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    The bedrock of the Airhole range, our Balaclava Hinge allows fabrics with less stretch to...meer
    Productinformatie "Airhole Balaclava Hinge Polar"

    The bedrock of the Airhole range, our Balaclava Hinge allows fabrics with less stretch to function as full head and face protection whilst allowing you to pull the face portion under the chin to free your face and eliminating the need for a beanie.

    Polar is our most popular fabric due to its high performance polyester & spandex construction that performs in all conditions. Polar repels moisture and protects against cold and heat making it ideal for everything from mid winter adventures to spring park laps. We also apply a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to bead water and prevent the fabric from becoming saturated to keep your face dry and comfortable.

    Our Balaclava Hinge Polar masks feature our original silicone Airhole which is direct injected onto the fabric, bonding to the front and back to provide a comfortable, hygienic and easy to clean finish.

    Silicone Airhole Mouthpiece
    UPF 50+ for 98%+ Sun Protection
    DWR (Durable Water Repellent) Coating For Water Resistance
    92% Polyester & 8% Spandex Polar Fabric
    Repels Water & Dries Quickly
    Hinged Design Provides Comfort With Face Section Worn Up Or Down
    Eliminates the Need for a Beanie
    Comfortable When Worn Under a Helmet
    Trusted For Warmth as an Alternative to Wool
    Polyester Tech Fleece
    High Performance, Versatile Design
    Stays Warm When Wet

    Artikelnummer: 8402920104790
    Geslacht: Unisex
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