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Follow Pharoah dames impact vest

Anna Nikstad rockt dit vest ook! Wie zeg je? Anna Nikstad, zoek haar part op Valdosta maar eens op en je weet meteen zeker dat je door dit vest niet belemmerd gaat worden in je wakeboarden.
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Gratis verzending vanaf € 50,-


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    Feminine but not girly. The quilted construction is as unique as it is functional, designed for...meer
    Productinformatie "Follow Pharoah dames impact vest"

    Feminine but not girly. The quilted construction is as unique as it is functional, designed for flex and ease of movement. Secure and comfortable tapered Ladies Fit. High quality construction and strong colours make this a must have this season. Triangle quilt stitching for added movement. Full segment foam flex panels. Duel layer neoprene construction Feather weight foam, the softest and lightest we can find. YKK locker zipper with silicon dipped pull string.

    Dual-Layer Neoprene
    Wet neoprene greatly increases in size by roughly 10%, depending on thickness and materials. We use both external and internal neoprene layers to minimize this effect. Dual-Layer Neoprene keeps the vest fitting as intended and helps to reduce chest expansion in the water.

    Reduced Individual Segments
    Follow works closely with our factory to minimize the foam pocket sizing and use a direct stitch-through process to manage areas that are prone to movement. This keeps all our foam in place for years to come.

    Feather Weight Foam
    There are two ways to keep a life jacket as light as possible. Reduce water absorption and use the lightest materials we can get our hands on. Our feather weight foam is the best of both worlds, no kidding, feel for yourself.

    Ladies Fit
    Follow has worked closely with its team of female wakeboarders to get our Ladies Fit right. Secure but comfortable across the chest and tapered at the waist for a custom ladies cut. Performance arm hole sizing to reduce jacket lift in the water with a Women’s specific waist taper for a fit that provides comfort with a form fit.

    Artikelnummer: 9348776057387
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