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O'brien Indie 140 wakeboard

De Indie is het kabel deck dat je kennen moet. Door zijn full wood core voelt hij heerlijk flexibel. De rail trackers houden jou op de rail als jij dat wil. Dan hebben we het nog niet eens over de looks gehad..
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Gratis verzending vanaf € 50,-

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    Featuring a park-specific design built around a 100% wood core, the Indie delivers the optimum...meer
    Productinformatie "O'brien Indie 140 wakeboard"

    Featuring a park-specific design built around a 100% wood core, the Indie delivers the optimum park riding experience with tons of flex on rails and a snappy pop off kickers. With its center tunnel running the entire length of the board, the Indie self-centers and locks onto rails with ease. Not only does this reduce friction on the rails, but it assists in tracking as well. To give this finless ride a little more bite, the Indie incorporates a series of stepped channels running along the rails, adding the perfect amount of traction on the water without sacrificing performance on obstacles. Finished off with our ultra durable Impact Base and DuraRail Sidewalls, the Indie is sure to make your next trip to the park your best one.

    Flex: 3 / 10

    Designed for minimum weight, maximum durability, and an organic feel, our cores crafted from 100% Paulownia wood ensures your board will last for seasons of shredding at your local park or winch spot.

    We took our Continuous Rockerline and slightly kicked the tip and tail upward. This keeps the board riding fast across the water as we're able to increase rocker height without increasing the belly of the board. The result is more vertical pop than a Continuous Rocker with more predictability than a 3-Stage.

    A perfected recipe with options. Choose from a wood core, foam core, or a hybrid construction of both wood and foam and you've got a board that explodes off the water, softens landings, and provides the perfect amount of nose and tail flex for locking onto rails and pressing all season long.

    Fully sintered high-density polyethylene base material that holds up to seasons of shredding rails, kickers, ledges, and whatever else you muster up.

    All O'Brien wakeboards are equipped with industry standard 6 millimeter inserts so if TSA loses your hardware or it falls off the dock, Borrow some from your buddy and keep shredding.

    Artikelnummer: 730918951995
    Kleur: Bruin
    Geslacht: Man
    Wakeboard maat: 136, 140, 144
    Board type: Kabel
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