Renting a snowboard

Are you going to the snow and want to rent a snowboard? Stop by at Down Town. We have rental snowboards and bindings and we will always give you a suitable snowboard set. No old junk, but good boards and well maintained. Did you like your board after a week of renting? You can choose to buy the snowboard, the rental price will then expire. Do you need more than a snowboard, like a helmet or avalanche transceiver? We also have these for rent!

Snowboard rental

Are you going on holiday and don't feel like waiting in line at a rental desk in Austria or France? Or are you not in the mood for a beginners board from the ski school? Then we have the best solution for you. You come along the week before your holiday, together we choose a suitable snowboard with matching bindings and you have the perfect set for your holiday. Check out all the options and prices below.



10 days


1 day

Snowboard + bindings + boots € 175,- € 30,-
Snowboard + bindings € 150,- € 25,-
Snowboard € 100,- € 20,-
Bindings or boots € 60,- € 15,-
Board + bindings of your choice € 250,- € 35,-
Powderboard € 100,- € 20,-
Avalanche set
(avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, first aid kit, emergency blanket)
 € 75,- € 20,-
Pieps Jetforce backpack € 75,- € 20,-
Kids snowboard set
(board, bindings, boots)
 € 100,- € 20,-
Kids snowboard boots € 50,- € 10,-
Snowboard- and ski harness for kids € 25,- € 5,-
Snowboard helmet € 25,- € 5,-
Backprotector € 25,- € 5,-

Rental prices are based on 10 days including collection and return. All prices including 21% VAT. Here you can read our general rental conditions.

Snowboard huren in Den Bosch

Snowboard boots rental

We rent snowboard boots, but let's be honest: we advise you to buy boots soon as possible, you can find them here. There is a good reason we say this, and that's because your snowboard boots are the most important part of your entire snowboard setup. Bad shoes = pain = bad holiday. So come to the store, take your time, try on different snowboard boots and buy shoes that suit you perfectly.

All snowboard boots we sell have a thermo-liner, that is an liner that forms when it is warm (when you are snowboarding). As a result, the shoe adapts perfectly to your foot. This is not possible with a rental shoe, because someone else has already shaped that shoe. Therefore: we are happy to rent you snowboard boots, but your own pair of boots will make you even happier!

Rent-buy your snowboard

Not sure whether your Burton Process or Lib Tech Travis Rice snowboard is right for you? Then we have the safest deal of all: rent-buy. You come to the store and together we find the right snowboard. You rent the snowboard for a week according to the above rates and if you are enthusiastic about the board you can buy it, without paying the rental price. You know exactly what you're buying and therefore have 100% certainty. You don't like the snowboard? Then we made a mistake and you can return it, and you only pay the rent.

Advantages of renting a snowboard from Down Town

  • Always new equipment. We sell all our rental boards, so you don't have to worry about getting a 3-year-old board.
  • Good advice. You'll get the same advice as a snowboard buyer, so a suitable board.
  • No more waiting in line at the rental on your holidays.
  • Nicely waxed and sharpened snowboards.
  • Ample pick-up and return options.
  • Possibility to rent-buy.